Michael Spiro:  Discography

 “Fixed in a Photograph, Lost in a Song”

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Original Album Tracks:
  • Nevermind Your Day
  • Timeless
  • Goin’ Through the Motions
  • High Tide
  • The Blizzard Song
  • The Folkie (Live in Concert)
  • Don’t Wanna Hold You Down (Live in Concert)
  • Music, Sex & Cookies (Live in Concert)
  • Michael, Oh Michael (Live in Concert)

    Bonus Tracks:
  • Spoons (Demo)
  • Part Time Love (Unreleased Demo)
  • American Diet (Live in Concert)
  • Stairway to Gilligan (Live in Concert)
  • 1000 Cranes (Unreleased Demo)
  • This was Spiro’s second album, following the release of the single version of The Blizzard Song, which received major airplay in the Cleveland area.  The first five tracks are elaborately produced studio recordings, and the remaining four tracks were recorded live in concert.  The track Music, Sex & Cookies received airplay on the nationally syndicated Dr. Dimento radio program.

    “Listen to Me”

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    Original Album Tracks:
  • Warm Celebration
  • Vasha (Song to a Cat)
  • Make-a-Buck Blues
  • Day After Day
  • Listen To Me
  • Autumn Days
  • Winter Waltz
  • Restless Dreams
  • How Long
  • Patterns

    Bonus Tracks:
  • Scene Magazine (Live Radio Broadcast)
  • Rebirth (Unreleased Demo)
  • Over (Unreleased Demo)
  • Listen to Me (Live in Concert)
  • This was Spiro’s first album, consisting of studio recordings of all original material.  Performing with a basic backup band (bass & drums) Michael’s vocals, acoustic and electric guitars were augmented by several guest soloists, including Norman Tischler on flute and sax, Buzzy Linhart on vibes, Jocelyn Chang on harp, and Cliff Bender on electric guitar.

    Miscellaneous Other Recordings

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    Outley Park Drive:
  • Part Time Love (by Outley Park Drive)
  • Timeless (by Outley Park Drive)

    In 2006, the band “Outley Park Drive” recorded and released these two covers of Michael Spiro originals on their self-titled CD. The personnel consisted of Spiro’s twin sons, Julian on electric violin and Corey on electric guitar, along with Brad Bartelme on vocals and Ari Warner on drums. “The Mysterious Daddy-O” (guess who?!) played bass on these two tracks, and mixed the CD. You can see a video of OPD performing Part Time Love live in concert on YouTube.

  • Website-Only Bonus Tracks:
  • Scene Magazine Commercial (Uncensored)
  • Listen to Me (Live with Band in Concert)
  • Killing Me Softly with Kung Fu (Live in Concert)
  • The Blizzard Song (Live in Concert)
  • Just Say Yes (Live in Concert)
  • Life of the Party (Unreleased Demo)
  • Grow Old With Me (Unreleased Demo)
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